We are delighted and excited to announce our first project for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! Allow us to introduce to you -- SkyShare: Shared Cockpit Controls


Unsure if SkyShare will run on you and your partner's computers? We can let you test out whether or not you get a successful connection with our free connection test programs. If you're not getting a successful connection message, feel free to reach out to us via our forum. Download it here!

Bridge Team: Ship Simulator

Bridge Team: Ship Simulator is our next project, this time diving into the world of Unity, cross-platform support, and VR (virtual reality) support.

The community is long overdue for a ship simulator, with its last iteration being one released in 2010.
Forest Studio is picking up from where the title has left off (we are NOT affiliated with the original devs in any way) and offering brand new ships, environments, and the features the community has been wanting, including (but not limited to):
- full RADAR with EBL/VRM/blue & yellow colour scheme,
- full ship autopilot
- wind & tide effects
- accurate simulation model
- graphics up to 2021 standards
- optional VR support
and more!


If so we encourage you to apply!


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