About Forest Studio

Company Culture

At Forest Studio, we focus a great deal on company culture. Providing great service is one thing; however, great service always start with great interactions among the employees.

There is always a place for everyone at our company, and we always support each other as we move within the departments while trying out new things.

Work shouldn't feel like work. And here, it feels like gaming each day at work. In fact, you may even find our names in a multiplayer game together after work hours!

Our Teams

Forest Studio is the operating division of:
Enrych Media Ltd.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are 100% Canadian-owned and founded in 2019.

We have endeavours in both the professional and entertainment industry; our first product was a privately contracted Virtual Reality (VR) software product delivered to an overseas institute. Since then, we've released SkyShare: Shared Cockpit Controls for MSFS to the public, and we are now working on Ultimate Railways.

Visit our forums and Discord to get in touch with us! We always enjoy meeting our customers and supporters!

The Management Team